Dumpster Rental in St Paul: Streamline Your Cleanup with Ease

cleaning up Saint Paul

Hiring a dumpster to put your waste away can be an easy solution for junk disposal and improvement of Minnesota sustainability.

How to rent a dumpster to empty a house

You have green waste, scrap metal, glass, cardboard, wood, rubble or even DIB, dumpster rental services will be there to help unload a weight. It is very easy to reserve a skip: click on the skip corresponding to your needs, indicate where, when, what time you would like the dumpster. Confirmation will be made immediately by telephone. Make an appointment and the dumpster truck will place your dumpster at your home, on your site, for provision according to your recommendation.

Dumpster rental price

Prices vary depending on the waste you are going to put there and the volume. For the rental of a 10 yard dumpster, plan a budget of around $280 including tax. For a 20 yard skip rental around $350 including tax and finally for a 30 yard dumpster rental, $510 including tax.

The necessary authorizations: a delay to be expected

Depending on the towns or villages where you wish to rent your skip and place it such as St. Paul, you will need authorization from the road authorities for the occupation of public roads. It is very easy to do it yourself by often connecting to the website of the city concerned. In some cities, such as St Paul, you will have to pay for this location.

Need to rent a dumpster to evacuate: wood, DIB, scrap metal, cardboard, earth, rubble after demolition work? Using a dumpster truck, this will ensure rotations and transport to the waste sorting center.

Quick installation of dumpsters throughout Minnesota

Within a 50km radius around St Paul, waste management companies provide transport and waste collection using our own equipment, which complies with ecological and government standards, using rental skips. They will try to respect your availability according to the conditions.

Different types of dumpsters and services

Depending on the type of waste to be loaded, they will advise you on the types of skips to reserve:

  • Do you have rubble or earth? You should favor 10yd skips, installed on sites with difficult access, they will be your best ally in the evacuation of rubble and other heavy waste.
  • You have DIB, wood, bulky items, scrap metal, a small amount of waste to evacuate or a large pile that needs to be cleared, all you have to do is choose the appropriate volume, 20yd
  • A road space to reserve? they can take care of it

Waste collected in dumpsters

Depending on the waste, it is possible to put almost everything in the dumpsters, with a few exceptions; here they are :

  • Asbestos waste: Any waste containing asbestos, fiber cement flower box, Eternit type fiber cement roof sheet, asbestos pipes are strictly prohibited in the skips, all concealed waste will be subject to additional costs and in particular a additional flat-rate billing
  • Waste gas cylinders: All gas cylinders, flammable products, paints are prohibited. It is possible to have them collected by hazardous waste management companies
  • Waste tires: all tires must be mentioned to your driver
  • Pharmaceutical waste: all medications must be mentioned to your driver for proper sorting

Duration of dumpster rental service

Standard packages in St Paut, MN such as those offered by St Paul Dumpster Rental HQ are for installation and removal on the same day. To increase the duration of the dumpster rental, simply ask the staff who will contact you with an offer adapted to your tailor-made waste removal for your site.

What am I allowed to put in my skip

With the exception of forbidden items, everything can end up in the dumpster! Do you have a large quantity of glass? A 10yd dumpster will be well suited. Green waste? a 20yd or larger for your gardening waste! Waste management is well taken care of in St Paul.

Most frequently asked questions

You can find some of the most frequently asked questions here:

1. Can I put furniture in the dumpster? Yes, everything is possible except the waste mentioned before.

2. I only have the space of a car, can the skip fit on it? Yes, in general, our skips fit exactly where a car is located, they are adapted to this situation.

3. Can I have a skip placed underground? Unfortunately, the dumpster vehicle does not go underground. The articulated arm does not allow the dumpster to be placed underground.

4. Do offers include the installation and removal of the skip? The price you will be given will include the installation, removal and treatment of waste. No surprises!

5. How does payment work? Payment is made when the bin is placed, either by transfer or by cash. The invoice will be sent to you by email following installation.

6. What time should be expected to organize the installation? Depending on the schedule, they are able to place a skip within 24 hours.