Myrtle Beach Waste Disposal Options

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How To Determine The Size Of Dumpster You’ll Need?

If this is your first time renting a dumpster in Myrtle Beach, getting an accurate estimate is very important to ensure you get the best price possible.

We’re here to help, so don’t worry. When it comes to the dimensions of a 10-yard dumpster, it’s 14 feet long besides 3-12 feet high by 7-12 feet wide.

To put it another way, it can hold about 55 and 75 33-gallon garbage bags or about 3 tonnes (6,000 pounds) of trash!

Each Of These Dumpsters Can Hold A Specific Amount Of Trash:

  • 30 to 40 33-gallon garbage bags in a six-yard bin.
  • Bags that measure 10 yards by 55 and 75 33-gallon cans.
  • Trash bags that measure 15 yards by 80 of between 110 33-gallon cans
  • 110 of between 185 33-gallon garbage bags can fit in a 20-yard bin.

What Can’t You Throw Away In Dumpsters?

The waste management in Myrtle Beach is carried out by local dumpster rental services. Dumpsters can only accept “non-hazardous waste” items. People and the environment can be damaged by hazardous materials, which necessitate unique disposal methods for each.

The Following Are Examples Of Hazardous Waste That Should Never Be Disposed Of In A Dumpster:

  • The most common place to find asbestos is in older structures. 
  • When dealing with hazardous waste contamination, the EPA or hazardous waste drop-off center should be called.
  • Contact the EPA or your local hazardous waste facility for information on disposing of motor oil, lubrication system, pesticides, freon, as well as gasoline.
  • Check the container labels for instructions on disposing of household cleaners.
  • Anything flammable, such as lubricants, fuels, and propane tanks, is prohibited.
  • Dishwashers, as well as washing machines that have not been drained, are included.
  • The hollow spaces created by whole tiers of tires can enable methane gas to accumulate in landfills.
  • Toxins can be found in paints, paint thinners, timber stains, and lacquer.
  • Non-alkaline batteries include lithium, car, computer, silver-oxide, and more.
  • Waste from medical procedures can be disposed of by the EPA or indeed a local health department.
  • There are dangers associated with the use of inks as well as resins.
  • In the event of a methane leak, a hot water tank can catch the gas and cause an explosion.

A Dumpster’s Uses:

In a dumpster, you could indeed put a lot of things! A dumpster can be used to dispose of anything that is not on the above “can’t go out in a dumpster” list, so long as it is not hazardous.

Items That Can Be Disposed Of In A Dumpster Are As Follows:

  • Furniture
  • Yard trash (branches, leaves, etc.)
  • Household appliances that have run out of energy
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Cans of aerosol paint thinner
  • Waste from construction (wood, concrete, asphalt, etc.)
  • Junk that’s lying around the house.
  • Food
  • Electronics

So if you are looking to hire a dumpster rental near me in the Myrtle Beach area, it is best to make a search online. There are a number of local SC companies that offer such service, check their reviews to decide which best fits your waste disposal requierements.